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Rocks & Pebbles

When you’re looking for the best in River Pebbles and Garden Rocks, you can’t beat the fabulous range here at Hurstbridge Garden Supplies.

With the correct use of rocks and pebbles, you can transform your very own garden. It’s never been easier to add a special character to your garden or landscape. The choice of quality in our range means you have the chance to create a stunning visual impact by incorporating a combination of texture and definition. 

Rocks and pebbles have a wide variety of uses in many different applications. From small pebbles which offer great drainage and are perfect for pathways and fillers between pavers to larger rocks that can be used alone as a standout feature. The uses are endless and limited only by the imagination.

Hurstbridge Garden Supplies is proud to offer you the very best in high quality products and the ultimate in customer service excellence.

You have almost anything you could ever need from ground cover, mulch and soil supplies to screenings and products for driveways and paths. You just can’t beat Hurstbridge Garden Supplies.

Remember we’re open 7 days a week to the public and trade customers.

It pays to see the extensive range for yourself. Come and visit our Hurstbridge yard where you can get all the professional advice you need from our friendly and experienced team. It’s always our aim to help you to get the best results possible. 

You will find the very best garden supplies ready and waiting for you, including River Pebbles and Garden Rocks, soils, sands, mulches, composts as well as sleepers, cement and even pool and plumbing products.

We’ll even help you load your selection onto your trailer or Ute, or you can make the most of our fast and reliable delivery service.

We’re happy to discuss your needs and look after you with orders both large, or small. Talk to us today or request an online quote.

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  • Open 7 days a week, and a fast and reliable delivery service available