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Driveways & paths

At Hurstbridge Garden Supplies we offer a variety of different toppings to suit your driveways & paths needs as well as landscape needs. Toppings are a stylish alternative to concrete and paving, offering low maintenance and exceptional drainage qualities.

Crushed Rock and Sand Driveway Toppings

With our crushed rock and sand driveway toppings, our customers have an affordable, flexible, and durable alternative to a paved or concrete driveway. Whether your main aim is to create interest with a curved driveway in natural tones, or you simply wish to explore the available options, the team at the HGS yard would be happy to discuss your requirements, and to help you find a suitable solution.

We can assist homeowners who want to know whether they can install driveway toppings themselves. We also work with local landscapers seeking quality products for their clients’ projects.

Our Granitic Sand driveway topping is a favourite for driveways, paths, and parking spots. Its attractive sandy colour paired with its highly compactable nature make it an ideal choice for a range of landscape styles. You will often see this topping used for council projects due to its durable nature and simple upkeep.  

Another firm favourite at HGS is our terracotta coloured Tuscan Toppings mix. With excellent drainage qualities, this versatile topping comprises fines and smaller pebbles, and can be left loose, or compacted to provide a firm and durable surface for paths or driveways.

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