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Lilycan Toppings

Lilycan Toppings and Lilydale Toppings are no longer available due to the quarry closure. We have worked with our Gembrook yard suppliers to source a new and similar product at a reasonable price to replace Lilycan Toppings in our Hurstbridge yard. You can call either the Hurstbridge or the Gembrook yard for further details.

Different toppings will display different compaction and drainage qualities in addition to their varied aesthetic qualities. If you are a homeowner looking to do a bit of backyard renovation, then we highly recommend that you talk to our qualified team members to find the right product for your needs. If you simply love the look of Lilydale Toppings, then we can help you find a similar style so that you get the look that you want, with the drainage and durability features that you need. If you already have Lilydale Toppings at your place, and need to top up with a similar product, then we can make some suggestions as to which might be most suitable.

For landscapers who know exactly what they are after, we can listen to your requirements, and supply your chosen toppings in the quantities that you need. We are open seven days a week, and you can pick up your order from our Hurstbridge yard, or have it delivered on-site by our reliable Hurstbridge Garden Supplies delivery fleet.

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