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Tuscan Stone – 20mm

It’s easier than ever to add some charm and character to your garden when you use the best in Tuscan toppings. That’s exactly what the quality of the Tuscan Stone 20mm from Hurstbridge Garden Supplies gives you.

Tuscan Stone is produced from sandstone and has a special natural, earthy tone in colour. The stone has a sharp angular form and is most commonly used for garden or path toppings, or even as a decorative mulch. Tuscan stone does not compact down to a hard surface, which means it offers good drainage.

Create Your Mediterranean Garden with Tuscan Path Pebbles

Stop dreaming of a Mediterranean getaway and create your own little slice of paradise with our fabulous range of Tuscan Path Pebbles and Stones. 

The rich terracotta and golden-brown hues perfectly contrast the lawn’s greenery. Whether you use them as stunning pathway toppings or edging, for dry creek bed features, or as part of a rock garden or groundcover solution, you have the chance to make something truly beautiful at your place.

Many modern Australian-Mediterranean gardens are blending the grey-green foliage of Australian natives with traditional olive, rosemary, or lavender plantings. These will all be brilliantly offset by Hurstbridge Garden Supplies’ Tuscan Path Pebbles and Stones.

What are Tuscan toppings?

Tuscan stones or toppings are named such because of their special terracotta colour which conjures up the style of a Tuscan villa and the warmth and vibrancy of the area. This topping makes for a simply stunning look and it’s no surprise why it is such an extremely popular choice for Australian gardens.

Hurstbridge Garden Supplies is proud to offer you the very best in Tuscan stone and toppings, as well as the ultimate in rocks, river pebbles, and stones. You can even visit our yard to select your own. That’s convenience and quality all in one. 

When it comes to your ground cover, rocks, stones, mulch and soil supplies, you can’t beat Hurstbridge Garden Supplies.

Remember we’re open 7 days a week to the public and trade customers.

See the extensive range for yourself and you can get all the professional advice you need from our friendly and experienced team.

We’ll even help you load your selection onto your vehicle or you can choose our fast and reliable delivery service.

We’re happy to discuss your needs and look after you with orders both large or small. Talk to us today or request an online quote.

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