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Red Mulch

A quality mulch and the benefits it brings to your garden are undeniable, but then you have the added advantage of being able to showcase your plants and flowers with a stunning red mulch.

When it comes to the highest quality mulches, including red, organic, black, bush, playground and multi bark varieties, you can’t beat the range at Hurstbridge Garden Supplies.

You always get a quality garden product at a great price.

The benefits of mulching are many and there is no garden that can’t reap the rewards of choosing a high grade mulch. 

While your garden gets an instant facelift, you also provide a special protective blanket for your plants. It’s no wonder that mulching is an important step in the creation of any successful garden.

When you want something special to showcase your garden in the best possible way, then there’s nothing quite like the beauty and natural splendour of a red garden mulch.

It is hard to find a better way to offset the colour of your plants and give your place a delightful charm that’s all yours.

The Hurstbridge Garden Supplies difference

Not all mulches on the market are of the same quality.

That’s where the range of mulches at Hurstbridge Garden Supplies are head and shoulders above the rest.

We offer a special Red Mulch is a 12mm recycled timber mulch and is coloured using eco-friendly products. This mulch retains its rich colour for a longer period of time in comparison to traditional natural mulches. You get the added advantage of bringing a vibrancy and special definition to any garden and landscape project.

Where do you find the best products that bring you the best possible results? It’s got to be the leading name in quality garden supplies. 

Hurstbridge Garden Supplies is proud to offer you the top of the range in mulches, including high quality Bush, Black, Organic, Playground (or Soft fall mulch ) as well as eye-catching red variety.

When it comes to your ground cover, mulch and soil supplies, you can’t beat Hurstbridge Garden Supplies.

Remember we’re open 7 days a week to the public and trade customers.

See the extensive range for yourself here at our Hurstbridge yard. This is where you can get all the professional advice you need from our friendly and experienced team.

We’ll even help you load your selection onto your trailer or Ute and there’s our fast and reliable delivery service too.

We’re happy to discuss your needs and look after you with orders both large, or small. Talk to us today or request an online quote.

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  • Open 7 days a week, and a fast and reliable delivery service available