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Organic Mulch

A quality mulch is vital to the health of your garden and there is no better way to enrich and protect your soil than by using the best in organic mulch.

You can reap the rewards and many benefits by changing to this special mulch today. It’s definitely worth the effort and the outlay.

The benefits of mulching go well beyond the enhancement of your soil. 

You get the double advantage of giving your garden an instant facelift, while providing a much needed blanket cover for your plants. Mulching is nearly always a staple and integral component in any successful garden.

There’s more to mulching than simply a way to stop your soil from drying out.

It has the two-fold effect of keeping the soil cool throughout the Summer heat and warm during the chills and frosts of the Winter months. Using quality mulch not only keeps the moisture in, you also get the chance to reduce watering by up to 60 percent. 

Why choose an organic mulch

The added benefits of using a high grade mulch are that it suppresses weeds and provides enriching nutrients as it breaks down. This improves the structure and increases the all-important biological activity in the soil.

Organic, or as we sometimes call it, Moisture Mulch, is a special aged composted green waste mulch that has been heat treated. It is dark in appearance and used for many landscaping applications suited to the budget conscious gardener. 

Organic Mulch aids in soil rejuvenation due to its organic matter and is highly suitable for windy conditions, embankments, and steep slopes.

When it comes to finding the best mulch and soil supplies, you can’t beat the selection at Hurstbridge Garden Supplies.

We’re open 7 days a week to the public and trade customers.

See the extensive range for yourself and you’ll see why we’re the ‘go to’ place for gardeners and tradies alike. Come in and visit our Hurstbridge yard where you can get all the professional advice you need from our friendly and experienced team.

We’ll even help you load your selection onto your trailer or Ute. There’s also our fast and reliable delivery service too.

We’re more than happy to discuss your needs and look after you in any way we can. We cater to orders both large or small. Talk to us today or request an online quote.

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