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Bush Mulch

Mulch plays a vital role in your garden and the benefits of using something as efficient and effective as Bush Mulch are amazing. A quality mulch like the mulch varieties you find at Hurstbridge Garden Supplies are too good to pass up.

The advantages of mulching go way beyond many gardeners expectations and deeper than just the surface of your soil.

Your garden gets an instant facelift, but it also reaps the rewards of having a special blanket cover for the healthy growth of your plants. Mulch is an important component in any successful garden.

While mulching will stop your soil from drying out, there are other advantages that you may not know about. 

The added bonus of adding a quality mulch to your garden is that it suppresses weeds and provides enriching nutrients as it breaks down. This improves the structure and increases the all-important biological activity in the soil. 

What is Bush Mulch and how does it work?

Bush or Tree Loppers Mulch as it is sometimes called is produced by chipping tree prunings, including branches and leaf matter, which is then aged and therefore allows the mulch to compost. This is a fabulous budget priced mulch, which breaks down beautifully, feeding the garden, all while assisting with weed control and moisture retention. 

Bush Mulch is an excellent choice for native gardens due to its natural appearance and ability to blend into the environment.

It has the ability to keep your soil cool in the heat of the Australian Summer and warm throughout the Winter months. 

We are committed to offering you the very best in mulches, including high quality Bush, Organic, Black, Playground (or Soft fall mulch) and even Red Mulch.

When it comes to your ground cover, mulch, sand and soil supplies, you can’t beat the selection at Hurstbridge Garden Supplies.

We’re proud to be a local family business who are open 7 days a week to the public and trade customers.

See the extensive range for yourself. Come and visit our Hurstbridge yard where you can get the best in professional advice from our friendly and experienced team.

We’ll even help you load your selection onto your trailer or Ute. There’s also our fast and reliable delivery service too.We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and we can look after you with orders both large, or small. Talk to us today or request an online quote.

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